Tiger is a Co-Dominate gene that stretches, cleans, and brightens pattern in Retics, while maintaining everything that makes the Retics so unique.  The homozygous form of this gene is known as SuperTiger, which often is completely striped from head to tail.  This is an extremely variable gene, which often produces unexpected results when combined with other morphs, and is the favorite base morph of quite a few Retic enthusiasts, and has long held a special place in their hearts.

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co-dom tiger gene, is a desired gene to add to other combinations of morphs.

Super Tiger

Super Tiger, homozygous form of Tiger

Sunfire Tiger

Sunfire, Tiger

Motley Tiger

Motley, Tiger Two beautiful Co-Dominant traits that make one insane looking snake!

Titanium Tiger

Titanium, Tiger, het Albino
From $750.00

Anthrax Tiger

Anthrax, Tiger

Anthrax Platinum Tiger

Anthrax, Platinum, Tiger
From $3,500.00


Tiger, Genetic Stripe
From $600.00

Mochino Sunfire Tiger

Mochino, Sunfire, Tiger

Albino Plutonium Maker

Male: White Tiger Titanium Female: White Citron Tiger

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